Our Mission is to provide the best possible service to our participating physicians and facilities as well as superior health care to our patients.

Preferred IPA works with its participating physicians to coordinate patient care when a referral is made to a specialist or hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The referral process begins by contracting with many of the best hospitals, facilities, and specialists in the covered communities. Preferred IPA takes further steps by coordinating patient care across all aspects of its provider network. In this way, Preferred IPAs team makes its best efforts to provide high quality services to its participating physicians and superior health care to its members. Because of Preferred IPA’s focus on state-sponsored programs in Los Angeles County, the carefully selected network of primary care and wide range of specialty care physicians are proud to meet the health care needs of a diverse community that includes low-income and at-risk populations.

Our Vision is to be a model healthcare organization by continually learning and providing extraordinary care of all dimensions, including:

  • Clinical Excellence: We will deliver the best clinical care in a consistent, integrated way.
  • Patient Engagement: We will provide a compassionate healing experience, and we will engage patients in decisions about their own health care.
  • Operational Effectiveness: We will be wise and careful stewards of our resources to enable extraordinary care.
  • Physician Engagement: We will create systems and processes that help our physicians best serve their patients.
  • Community Stewardship: We are committed to serving the diverse needs of all Los Angeles communities, and to providing generally available medical services to all residents, regardless of ability to pay.
  • Employee Engagement: We value our employees as our most important resource and valuable asset.